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Our forthcoming exhibitions


Our current exhibition in association with The Biscuit Factory Foundation is FAUX-PAS by Stuart Mel Wilson.

It runs from Tuesday 6th - Thursday 29th March and can be viewed in the foyer on show nights (6th - 10th March).

A preview will be held on Monday 5th March from 6:30-8:30pm.

To arrange viewings for small groups outside of these times, please contact gallery@peoplestheatre.co.uk

Artist information

Stuart Mel Wilson is a local artist from the north east of England. Having discovered a passion for Fine Art from an early age he decided to move the London to study at Goldsmith College of the Arts. where he developed his practice, mixing styles of found objects and large-scale drawings focusing on the philosophy and humour of human life in all its wonder.

Stuart on his work and the exhibition

“I work with different media, but generally favour large-scale drawings, to impose the artwork on the viewer, as well as smaller sketches. I use found objects, such as plasterboard or wood, and get them into a condition to draw on.  Using a traditional or conservative process of art craft in the drawing. So, all viewers appreciate this as art and respect the elements of time and labour that has gone in to the making of the work. Using this combination of traits to present the work with an element of grandeur, to emulate that of the history of art. In contrast, the found objects discuss the value of an object, reflecting that onto the value of a piece of my own art work as well as that of art as a commodity.

The choice of aesthetic comes from the love of art practitioners, from Raymond Petibon and William Blake to the old masters. It is a style that has developed into more of a signature of mine than a choice.

The work discusses a wide range of themes, but an overview could be the place of humanity in the world. The world and constructs we physically occupy (imposed and self-imposed) and maybe the world against understanding the world, the absurdity of all rational thinking. The use of word and image is a debate (metaphorically), battle for dominance and to add humour while still asking the viewer what is the strength of a word? What is the strength of an image?

There is a wealth of philosophy and literature fuelling particularly the words, whereas the image tends to be myself in awe of the world.

I have developed this series of work over the last couple of years.”

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Instagram: stuart_mel_wilson

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